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The captain and the coal shoveler

Once upon a time there was a ship.
Like many ships it had a crew and with this particular crew there so happened to be a coal shoveler and a captain.

The coal shoveler was very good at his job and for the most part the captain who considered himself Very Important had no complaints whatsoever about the shoveler.

One day during a break the shoveler came up on deck to get a breath of fresh and and noticed there were many icebergs in the water. To make matters worse the ship appeared to be heading directly towards the largest one. Looking around he realized there was nobody else on deck and he was the only one aware of the danger. He quickly raced to find the captain who was busy doing what he deemed to be Very Important Work.

He tried to explain their predicament to the captain.

But the captain who was irritated at being interrupted from his Extremely Important Work decided the shoveler needed a reminder of who just who the shoveler was.

"You are a shoveler," the captain said. "It is not your job to point out icebergs. It is your job to shovel coal."

The shoveler, convinced the captain did not understand the gravity of the situation tried again to explain.

But this only served to make the captain more angry.

"I am the captain!" said the captain. "It is the captain's job to be aware of icebergs. If we hit any icebergs, as captain I will take full responsibility!"

And as the ship went down...he did.

Heh. I get to animate this! Jett excited!

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