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Ten things: Topics ranging from work to my dad running.

1. Work has slowed down. We are revising some past levels and upping the polish to show some big mucky mucks so the breakneck pace for new levels and characters have slowed dramatically. This means me and the other animator are getting a bit bored. (I spent most of the day yesterday finishing Sunstone cartoons.)

2. With nokiai out of town I've been showing the 2 rooms that will be opening up to prospective tennants. Met a few cool people but nobody so far that I've thought, "oh, please, please, please move into the house!" I'm also glad it's not a full time gig for me to be the proxy for the landowner.

3. Did a bit o' shopping yesterday and got a new pair of sandals and shorts. They'll be good for my Canada trip.

4. Kickboxing tonight was fun but it's been a while since the class has really TRASHED me. Yay for strength and endurance but it's sometimes fun to really feel like your heart is about to burst like a ripe tomato in one's chest. I request next Tuesday evening she completely shred us. RRARR.

5. Trying to not have the munchies. I should just drink another litre of water. Santo infierno, it's HOT.

6. I've just had a shower and I'm all nice and clean and smell good. Now I want to cuddle with someone. Waaah.

7. It's even too hot to really sit outside and enjoy the patio furniture. Also the apple tree is dropping apples like crazy and we need to pick them all up.

8. The one roommate who never does her dishes and owns the evil cat is leaving at the end of the month. I won't really miss her OR him. At least...I THINK she's going. I mean, her lease is up but I haven't heard ANYTHING about packing or where she's going to go etc.

9. I am SO ready for a drastic hair cut.

10. Last Saturday evening my dad told me that if I ran a marathon he would run a 5K. I told him it was a deal and then he looked startled and freaked out. His expression said, "Oh crap!" Gimme a year or so. I've still got a lot of sludge to pull off here.

One more for good measure:

11. Conversed with a few of my Sheridan teachers today. One can't make our shindig...two others can. It will be good to see them. They are delighted our class ("the one that raised the bar") is having a reunion, informal as it is.

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