Jett (jatg) wrote,

5K: The report

Well, I just ran my first five K...and I'd love to tell you all what the time was but if they told me at the end I was too winded to catch it. I think they jotted it down so I may go back and ask.

I started slow and plodding and ended ... well, slow and plodding but I didn't come in last, so go me! First mile...tough...second mile, not too bad...third mile...kind of tough because I wasn't exactly sure of the route and so when I thought I was really close to the finish line I found I had another ways to go. Still though...ended with a sprint instead of a fall on my face.

It was hard at the beginning to see people just streaming by me...but I felt better by the midpoint when I started passing people...with my same slow plod.

My time at the HALFWAY point was 14:22. Not bad. Not GREAT..but not really bad. I suspect my end time was probably a little under half an hour since the second mile and a half I think I was going at a warmer pace than the first.
It was also nice at the finish line to see my family there cheering all decked out in sombreros. Hee. I love them.

Here is what I know about running. I don't really feel good DOING it...but I feel insanely great AFTER. I am crazy proud of myself. An Atwood kid has participated in an athletic activity! WOOO!!!!

RRARR. to go soak some blisters on mah FEET.
Tags: athletic, exercise, racing

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