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Finishing the Thought...

Finishing the Hat from Sunday in the Park With George is a rather haunting song about getting so consumed with ones art that live and love passes you by. You want both of those things but you also want your art and for those around you to understand you have to put your art first. It doesn't mean you love them less...but you have to finish the hat. It's also a rather incredibly selfish song. George really believes Dot is as fault for not understanding him...not because of the way he treats her. If she loved me, she would understand me. She left me which means she doesn't understand me which means she never really loved me in the first place.

The tragedy is that she really did love him, his behavior drove her away. She settles down with Louis who is safe and comfortable and kinda sorta is an artist...

I don't pretend I'm an obsessed artistic genius like George Seraut and even if I did I would hope that I treat people better than he does in the play. I don't think I'm that selfish. However I have to admit it's nice when the noise level gets too high I can slip away with some paper and a pencil (or my laptop and wacom tablet) and lose myself in a world devoid of words and awash in color and light.

Happy to report except for the foley (chomp chomp chomp!) The Hat is done.

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