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Conversations: A Play

BODY: Rumble rumble rumble!
SELF: WHAT?! Didn't I just FEED you?!
BODY: Duh. Like at 9:00 and it was a bowl of cottage cheese. FEED ME SEYMOUR!
SELF: Okay...let me see. Okay, how about a can of tuna and some salad?
BODY: (in wheedling tone) But...but there are COOKIES in the break room!
SELF: No way! We're going to Canada in less than 2 weeks and you looked like hell the last time a lot of those people saw you!
BODY: (whiny) But...COOKIE.
SELF: (sternly) No cookie.
BODY: But ... we went for a 3 mile run this morning!
SELF: And I'm very proud of you...but NO COOKIES.
BODY: Rumble rumble rumble...
Tags: doodles, exercise

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