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Who is that?

Had the strangest experience last night.
Went to Chuck-A-Rama with my mom last night (yes, I think we eat there too often too, but my dad had just left on a business trip and Mom had just gotten some distressing news regarding phoenix_jade and his heart condition which she's going to mat to fight and appeal) so she wanted to just go out and I was happy to oblige and yes this sentence really is too long.)
Anyway, I was standing over one of the food tables and looked up through the sneeze guard and across the way saw someone with a really interesting face. It wasn't your normal overly thin, blonde hair, blue eyes Utah mormon girl face...there was something a bit more...classic about it.

I couldn't help it, I stared at her for probably four to six seconds (which really is a long time) in which I observed the haircut, the round brown eyes...the slightly parted mouth...and it wasn't until I squinted that I realized I was a mirror.

It was the oddest thing. For a moment I saw myself through the eyes of a stranger.

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