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Conversations with Real People...

So I had a week off from work when xenologue was visiting and going back turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. You'd think that it'd be easier to head back to work, y'know? I mean, I had a lot of time off, I got to hang out with my best friend and go see my sisters family and go up to Logan and see pheonix_jade and go skydiving and have a big ol' party out on the deck.. so why on earth am I so cranky back at the theater?
I felt like I was made out of goo just dragging myself back in. Time seems to have slowed and people seem more dumb than ever before. Case in point:

Phone: Ring!
Me: Megaplex 12, this is Jett.
Lady on Phone: Hi this the Megaplex 12?
Me: (pause.) Yes.
Lady on Phone: The movie theater?
Me: (another pause.) Yes.
Lady on Phone: Um, I have a question about Pirates of the Caribbean.
Me: Okay.
Lady on Phone:Um...are you having a midnight showing on Wednesday night?
Me: We sure are.
Lady on Phone: Okay. what time does it start?
Me: Sorry?
Lady on Phone: What time does it start?
Me: What time does the MIDNIGHT SHOWING start?!
Lady on Phone: Uh huh...
Me: Well, I'll have to check, but I believe our MIDNIGHT showing starts at MIDNIGHT.


Wondering if the cranky phenomenon was specific to me though I started taking an informal survey at work among my fellow employees and the conversation goes like this:
Me: Hey, so, how long have you worked here?
Them: (variety of different answers.)
Me: So, have you found this job is making you more...mean?
Them: Long pause...heavy sigh...and then, "Yeah..."
Whereupon they launch into stories of stupid people and how they realize they are getting more and more uncharitible towards their fellow man. Some stories are truly rioteous but at the same time with the nature of the question that led to the story everyone seems a bit heavy realizing just how much love for their fellow man they don't have. A lot of real conversations are starting to happen.

I'm worried. I find I'm increasingly cranky, cynical, *extremely bitter* (about a whole lot of things, not just work) pessimistic and angry...none of which are adjectives that I feel like are really part of my basic core personality. I'm not an unhappy person dangit!!!
I really do need to reread How to Win Friends and Influence People. I'm rather feeling a bit like I did when I was in 9th grade and hated everybody.

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