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The update

I am typing this on my new (old and free) blue and white G3. I've temporarily solved my internet hookup problem though I suspect as is the case for la familia Atwood...nothing is more permenant than temporary. The first thing I buy for it(probably in August or so,) will be a few 256 sticks of RAM. Right now 128 ain't doin' it.

I am feeling pretty happy and optimistic. I'm getting recharged again in my chosen career; the other animator and I have plans to start participating in the "10 second club." Once a month a 10 second sound file is released and one has to animate a character delivering the dialogue. It will be a good exercise for me as well as good for my reel.
Seeing The Animation Show twice the other week also really charged me up. It's not like I've ever gotten BORED with my job...but it's nice every so often to be injected with a fresh shot of...enthusiasm maybe? Vision? Ambition?

Went grudgingly to a karate meet today and nearly died when I had to pay the entrance fee. The last one I went to was 7 bucks. This one was FIFTEEN. Fifteen dollars can be a lot of gas!
When nokiai and I got in the car this morning we sighed heavily (neither of us really wanted to go.) I looked at my watch and said, "If we leave RIGHT 26 hours we could be in Canada..."

Sadly, we opted not for Canada but instead went to the meet. We went to film one of my roommates and cheer her on. She ultimately got 3rd place.

There were only 3 participants in her age and rank division.


To stay out of her way and give her a chance to lick her proverbial wounds nokiaiand I spent much of the day chewing the fat in Farmington. We stopped by a yard sale (fabric on sale. Heh.) and admired the pads of concrete my dad and phoenix_jade had poured. The number one ingredient in those is HARD WORK. I have helped pour enough concrete that I do not feel left out by now helping with these particular pads.

Also while there for my birthday my mom gifted me with the 4 placemats we bought back from the family reunion auction. I was delighted...I had secretly been hoping for them.

The rest of the evening I have been installing stuff on my computer and stalling doing Red Sparrow.

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