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...Stupid people and my temper

I know, I know, outside our realm of knowledge we're all pretty much morons. However, I can't believe the ineptitude of a lot of questions I have to slog through on a daily basis. I know Alex thinks I'm sarcastic all the time at the theater (and I'm not) but at the same time I'm getting a bit alarmed at how much more quickly I reach my limit with stupid people. I shouldn't have prayed for more compassion or charity. Dumb.
I reflect on one of the best lines I've ever heard in church. One of my friends was speaking on compassion and how he found it to be more of a trial than he thought it would be to research the talk...especially as he's a support guy for a local ISP.
"I marvel at their helplessness."

Beauty, eh?
So, trying to be charitible he tried to remember they were ALL children of God.

I thought to myself, `and we ALL are helpless and need God's help...but at the same time, some people have really stupid questions.'

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