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The longest day...

I am sitting outside smelling the faint tang of burning citronella oil in the quiet glow of tiki torches. It's still a little bit light outside despite the lateness of the hour. It's not quite 10:00. My roommates are also outside quietly doing their own thing. Susie is sitting on the glider mindlessly playing her guitar. I like catching the little accents...the squeak of the strings or the small little thumps as she strums. I smile to myself enjoying the utter pleasantness of the evening...the late twilight, the glow of the torches, the thrum of a dark red guitar and the quiet presence of my friends around me.

Beowulf has also been outside tonight, quietly strolling about our tangled backyard until he made his usual escape attempt. He has since been captured and put back inside to his dismay and Mischief's delight.
I love this time of year. I love the stillness of summer nights and the quiet company of people around me.

Soon the days will start to shorten again and before I know it the air will be crisp with fall.

I am feeling slightly melancholy. I am trying to appreciate the moment without already mourning it's passing.

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