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Arty farty day.

I got to do a LOT of drawing done today which felt GREAT. I did a few cartoons for the internal company newsletter (the Megazine) because I thought it could use something not incredibly lame.
ALSO the guy who puts it together is the son of the high high mucky muck and I think doing some cartoons for his baby might curry a bit of favor when the animation pitch starts rising up through all the other mucky mucks. It's an annoying truth, but all it takes is one mucky muck to say "NO," and the project is killed. Anything I can do, even freebie work to keep that balloon rising I will do.

It actually felt really great to be working on a comic strip again. I so miss doing "Battle On!" I need to do a cartoon a week...about ANYTHING and maybe then inspiration will strike for a new strip. It's something I felt I got really really good at and as I said I truly miss doing it.

I also did a bunch of new graphics for the front moniters. I figure since X-Men is coming out I would use that as a motif and they came out really well. A particular favorite is the one for Wolvering and the one for Cyclops. I didn't draw the characters...just enough color and icon that they are recognizable if you know what you are looking at. If not, they're just cool graphics. (I think.)

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