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Just keep swimming...

Well, the third of July felt like four very long days rolled into one.

Hilights: (depending on one's perspective)
Said goodbye to xenologue.
One of these years I'm going to have a smooth goodbye with her. Few things push my buttons as badly as saying goodbye to friends when I'm not sure when I'm going to see them again. I've had waaay too many sloppy farewells over the years. I would think I'd get better at it, but boom, time to say goodbye and my oh so suave demeanor goes out the window. I feel like Lucy Ricardo. Weeeeehhhh!!!
It was terrific to see her again and it went lightyears better than I thought it would. Some things never change...and some things do. (Hulk cat person!)

(Oh yeah! Speaking of The Hulk, did anyone else notice a rock formation in one of the scenes? Hulk is bouncing like Extreme Yoda all over the desert. He stops and pauses on a Peaceful Like Zen clearing...and in the background is the...formation. Does anyone (other than Alex) know what I'm talking about? Because geez...)

Had interview for training position:
They're starting a new training program at the theater. The guy spearheading the project had asked me (more than once) quite specifically if I would go for the position. I think I took him rather aback with my earlier questions (which I think were quite valid) so I think he was a bit surprised when I did the interview.
It seems there is more responsibility, more people breathing down my neck, greater opportunities to be in trouble and no pay increase. As I told him before, why would I want to do this thing?
That question came up in the interview and I am more convinced than ever they just really like me because my answers were rather um...shall we say, not very diplomatic.
"How do you feel about greater responsibility without greater pay?"
"Well, frankly I think it sucks and shows incredible lack of faith from upper management."

I think Dave (the new training manager) choked on his water.
They quickly tried to tell me that the program was under trial and they thought they might be able to wrangle a pay increase in September....and I quickly cut them off.
"That's all very well and good to say but the cynic in me thinks if the program is a success they would say, "Why should we pay extra for results we're already getting now?"
Not really a very good response to that.

ANYWAY, I told them I wanted to do it because I think I'd be really good at it. I like to teach. I don't powertrip and I don't get pissy over magnetic nametags.(Kathy choked on that one. Her boss at HR is the powertrip queen. She told Kathy she couldn't wear a magnetic nametag because she didn't rank high enough. ) (I'm really agreeing with my uncle: If you want HR problems, you have an HR department.)
What I didn't tell them was that I thought the opportunity and greater interaction with the uppers would be an unquenchable fuente for cartoon ideas. This is gonna be a minefield for me!

Animation Meeting:
One of the guys I work with some interesting connections and ambitions and is spearheading a project to do some training seminars for NuSkin. He's brought me on board to do some animation for the first seminar, and hooray, hooray there is actually a budget for it. Most of the money allocated for animation really goes towards getting me some more equipment (Jett need bigger moniter) but after the first seminar, there will be a chunk of change more money. (Jett want quit theater job, sit home and draw.)
I had to go and meet the initial investor and show him my stuff (which he rather liked, hooray!) and bounce a few ideas off him but it went rather well.

With all this going on I still managed to work a double shift (they let me take 2 hours off to go meet the investor) and I found myself just completely and utterly wiped. I didn't realize it was so obvious but several people at work commented on how drained I seemed. I was selling tickets and even a few people who came through the line commented on my absolute lack of color. Yikes. Well, understandable. It has been a period of extreme ups and downs. I'm looking forward to an even keel.

Back to that training thing...
So got a call from HR and they offered me the new training position. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised...since they had harranged me about going out for the position in the first place. This is going to make next week very, very full...since I've got 3 full days of `Train the Trainer' (which I think is going to be a riot) as well as my regular 40 at the theater plus a bunch of different animation projects to work on. Jett be busy.

I think Dave likes me because I'm not a complete Yank idiot when it comes to Canada. (He's from Southern Ontario and has actually heard of Sheridan College.) He gets a lot of ribbing from everyone about being Canadian (which I think is dumb, but he also plays up to it.)
During the interview (and I understand he did it with a few others,) he asked a few Canadiana questions, (which I'm happy to say I knew the answers to.
Who is the Prime Minister etc...

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