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On kickboxing and haircuts

Kickboxing tonight was an interesting experience. Sabina informed us that at the end of the summer she would be ending the program. She needs a break but gave us a list of places we could go and places she recommended. I am going to have to think about things and research places and costs because I have decided martial arts are really, really good for me and one of the goals of my 30s is to get a black belt.

The workout was really good but my favorite was the sparring. I sparred another girl in the class and that was a lot of fun but she had to bow out because she was totally tired. I was surprised because I hadn't even really broken a sweat and usually sparring takes a LOT out of you. It was just Sabina and me going at it the rest of the night and I was shocked at how much my endurance has improved. I wish I had a picture or video of myself from the first class to where I am now.

I mean, yeah I still have some sludge around the middle, (Darn you sludge!) but I am SO much stronger and FEEL so much better. I have never felt so healthy in my entire life. I just need to watch what I'm doing in the proverbial kitchen and hopefully that sludge will continue to come off. Because RRARR.

Tonight when nokiai and I got home we were talking with one of the other roommates and we looked at the Couch to 5K schedule and the three of us committed to it. We picked a 5K race in August and we're going out tomorrow to run and officially start our training on Monday. It's good to have some people around who are equally motivated.

In other news I am fantasizing about cutting off my hair. It's been, almost to the day, 2 years since my last real hair cut (I did get 3 inches cut off a few months ago, but it's still plenty long.) My hair has never been this long and I'm thinking I'm close to being done with it. I really should post a picture. When I have it down, I have to do double takes at myself. Yeow. Who is THAT?

Maybe that will be my motivator. Take off 10 more pounds (go AWAY sludge!) and I get a haircut. Hmmm.

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