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Some thoughts on time and pop culture that may or may not tie together

So there's this movie meme list going around and I thought about doing it and passing it on but decided to not. Too many I've seen...too many I've not.


A few weeks ago there was an article on called 40 Million Minutes to Live and while the article was a little frivolous, the introduction has really stuck with me.

Okay, lets see… got my Acme solar calculator right here, I’m ready to rock. Now… 60 minutes to an hour, 24 hours to a day, that’s, um, 1,440 minutes… times 365 days per year… got it, that’s 525,600 minutes… times… hunnh… an average life expectancy of roughly 76 years, so that’s… 39,945,600. Let’s agree to call it 40 million minutes. Yep, that’s it. That’s all we get. Hmm, don’t we spend about a third of that time snuggled up with Mr. Sandman? All right, divide by three… that comes to about 27 million sentient minutes. Of course, if you’re reading this column, you’ve just spent another minute and you’re not exactly fresh on the clock in the first place. So, my rapidly aging amigos, what exactly do you DO with all those free minutes the Great Timekeeper put on your card? Good deeds/great works? Contemplation? Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Chucking the ol’ pixels around on Maya 6.5? Maybe you’d like to spend some of it watching cartoons.

How many times have I quipped about something, whether it be a dumb show or a boring lecture, "That was (x amount of time) I'll never get back!" and then gone about my life. And hey, if I have only 44 million minutes to live, what do I want to DO with them? Do I spent it watching tv or movies? Should I be drawing, playing with the nieces and nephews, going to kick boxing, working the day job...what DOES one do with their minutes that are ticking inexoratebly by? Are we SUPPOSED to be so utterly aware of the ticking clock?

With my 24 hour comic I experienced a constant awareness of time. Every moment, every second became precious, something to be used and not frittered by. As I drew I thought about how life was probably like that...there are moments that we become aware of the ticking clock and either we try to make each moment count...or the moments pass and we slip back into our quiet lives.

With all that...with a finite amount of minutes that we have, I don't think one can live their lives feeling every stroke of the second hand. Perhaps I am wrong.


I rarely watch TV anymore mostly because I'm so busy doing other things and while I have managed to catch Revenge of the Sith, the last movie I saw before that was Robots...and I only saw those last two because we went as a work party. I don't mind not seeing as many movies as I used to...for one thing it means I'm not working at the movie theater anymore.

But then I worry just how out of touch I've become. I have no idea who the current groups are, songs I might possibly like I don't know because I don't really listen to the radio. Not having one generally puts the kibosh on that that. And the thing about pop culture, it gives total strangers something to connect on. "You like Xena? *I* like Xena!" There may be nothing in common past that...but that little bit of shared pop culture often leads to an insight into another person's world view. "Well, I don't like how they voted, but somebody who can quote so many Simpson lines can't be all bad!"


I can easily see how being out of touch can be worn as a kind of badge of snobby honor. "Oh, I NEVER watch television!" or "The last movie I saw in theaters was Raiders of the Lost Ark!"

But with those declarations, I wonder, what is one supposed to say to such things?

Is that supposed to be honored? Hooray you for not deigning to be entertained with the rest of us unwashed masses?

Do those people read a lot then or do they mean they see things when they come out on video or DVD?

It's kind of like the kids in high school who get awards for having perfect attendance. What do you say beyond, "Wow?" Are you allowed to ask, "So, how many times did you come in sick, just to make sure your name was on the roll?"

Beyond an acknowledgment of the accomplishment, what do you say?


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