Jett (jatg) wrote,

Aunt Jeanette rides again!

I left work rather early today...a little after 4:00 and headed straight down to my sister's house. I got here roughly around 6:00. UGH. Let's just say I LOVE living 3 miles from where I work. How DO people handle those commutes? GLAARRRGHHH!!!!

Still, all of the frustration of having to drive that many miles in stop and go traffic melted away when I pulled up and saw the kids frolicking on the front lawn with their hose wielding dad. He would spray and make twirls and as I got out of the car he was teaching O how to "limbo under the water!" Totally cute, totally fun. They were so into it took them a minute to realize who had pulled up but I got 3 solid hugs.

Princess O sez: "Aunt Jeanette! Spin me!"
Bit H sez: "AG AHNEG MEETOOO!!!!"

It is good to be loved.

I went inside and talked with Suzanne who was making pizza pizza PIZZA while wearing the sling with a loudly snoring baby. Little H is a champion sleeper.

Four anecdotes

The Mighty S story:

Later in the evening I had Mighty S show me his school yearbook and I asked him about all of the people he had sign his yearbook...everyone from the teachers to his classmates. A favorite friend of his, he had put a heart around her picture. He told his mom he had asked the new principal if they could be in the same class again the next year. Ever a diplomat the principal responded that he would see but he couldn't make any promises. Suzanne was impressed. "Way to be proactive!"

Mighty S said that he wants her to be in his class next year but she doesn't know he has a crush on her.

"Um, did you draw the heart around her before or after you had her sign her picture?"
"Um, I drew the heart BEFORE she signed it..!"

I had to laugh and then made him give me a hug. My nephew is such the romantic.

The Princess O story:

Speaking of romantic I taught Princess O how to be dipped. I was on my knees and I would spin her out...and show her how to extend her arm out..and then twirl back and turn and let me dip her. I showed her how to extend one leg and then she loved it and wanted to do it the rest of the night. I did Mighty S a few times but he lost interest when I said that usually boys dipped girls.

"Why do boys do that, Aunt Jeanette?"
"Because girls like being dipped, right O?"
"So boys do things that girls like in the hopes that the girl will like them!"

He then wanted to know if boys dipped girls how come I knew how to do it. Heh.

The Big H story:

I thought he was taking a bath but I went in and he was lying naked belly down on the tub floor with his arms rigid to his sides and looking fixedly ahead at the tub wall...which couldn't have been more than 6 inches in front of him. I stared for a second at the odd sight of a naked 3 year old lying down in an empty tub when he looked up at me...gave me a scowl for interrupting him with my presence and then went back to staring stright ahead at the tub wall.

I have NO idea what he was doing.

The Little H story:

Li'l H likes to lie belly down straddling your forearm as you walk around. You can't hold her like that MUST be walking around. She just looked so content lying on my arm with her arms and legs dangling down. She's still really light but I was still glad I was doing the gym and kickboxing. That wears you out after a while. I had Bill snap a picture.

Thoughts on being an aunt:

I admit it...I love being a part of these kids lives. I love that I am greeted pell mell with massive hugs, that they clamor for my attention, that they know to say " PING!!!" when I say "FOOMP!" I do not see them as often as I would like (it IS a bit of a drive,) but they are one really great thing about living back in Utah.

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