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My comings and goings

Yesterday nokiai and I went and I dropped off Beowulf in Farmington and we picked up a coupon and and got an air rifle and an air pistol in Centervillle. Then she remembered she had a meeting in SLC so I had to go and drop her off and THEN I had to drive back out to Farmington. I opted to spend the night there...I was getting a little tired of driving.

BUT...the air rifle is big fun. The air pistol...the pellets come flying right back at you if you hit the bell ringing target. It comes with it's own target that catches the pellets but it's not nearly as pavlovian fun as hearing the "DIIIINNNNGGGG" when you hit the bell ringer target's sweet spot with the rifle. Still though, my aim was improving when I finally packed it all in.

I went to work early this morning so I could slip out a little early during lunch. I had been invited to a staff meeting at the Clipper so I could listen and pick brains on cartoon ideas. I got quite a few but it is an eye opening experience to sit in and listen to journalists talk and decide what will be news.

The best way to inspire me on a cartoon is to say, "DON'T DO A CARTOON ABOUT "X"!" Because then...hey, I wanna.

I am sleepy. I want to sit in the back yard, stick my legs in the sun and fall asleep. As is, I have kickboxing in a little over an hour.


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May. 27th, 2005 12:53 am (UTC)
What was the "X" they didn't want you to `toon?
May. 28th, 2005 09:46 pm (UTC)
"The best way to inspire me on a cartoon is to say, "DON'T DO A CARTOON ABOUT "X"!" Because then...hey, I wanna."

Um.... Don't update red sparrow!
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