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Saturday is a special day...'s the day we get ready for Suuunnndaaaay!

I have really been impressed with myself with everything nokiaiand I have been getting done the last few Saturdays.

For instance:

Last Saturday I got my spare tire fixed, went to a salvage yard, found a replacement mirror on the corpse of an old Suzuki Sidekick (and boy that's an interesting roam around hundreds of destroyed cars looking for one particular model and part along with my fellow human vultures. I wish I had had a camera.) went out to Farmington, replaced the mirror (the salvage yard one cost me fifteen bucks...vs the dealer who wanted roughly THREE HUNDRED for parts and labor!)

We also dug up some of my mom's volunteer brown eyed (black eyed?) Susans and some other plants (we were also crazy gifted with a bunch of other flower seed packets) stopped at the store, bought some yard tools (and tiki torches! Yay for big fun tiki torches!) and then worked in the front yard until nearly midnight getting everything planted. Planting is easy...working with that soil ... which 2 weeks ago was as hard as rock was tough.

Yesterday we:

1. Bought 2 roses (she picked out a `Veteran's Honor.' and I got a `Henry Fonda.'
2. Bought some vegetables. (3 tomatoes, 4 peppers, 2 cucumbers.)
3. Went to Farmington to say hello.
4. Went home with some more volunteer plants to put in our yard.
5. Rachael went to visit a friend in the hospital and then she had a church activitiy.
6. I got the dirt ready and churned up and the rose food and mulch mixed in and planted roses.
7. I respaded the back vegetable garden and got everything planted. (including pole beans that hopefully will help obliterate the view of the ugly east side fence.)
8. And then proceeded to weed until 10:00 at night.
9. Rachael came home with 2 more tiki torches. Woo!
10. I sat outside until 11:30 catching up on my Book of Mormon reading.

This morning my nose is a little bit sunburned as are the fronts of my legs, (I blame that to my reading outside with my legs propped out in the sunshine that morning.) Fortunately nothing else seems to be red. I took great care to put sunscreen on my face yesterday.

There is still SO much that has to be done...our yard has been so severely neglected but it is amazing seeing how far we've come. Next week I am going to create a flower bed in the backyard against the back wall. Hopefully by next week many of the flowers that we planted in the front yard will be coming up as well. It will be fun to slowly add roses against the house and watch them grow. Roses, ROSES, ROSES!

I am also excited about the prospect of vegetables in my back yard. Hooray for homegrown tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers. I did plant 2 seeds of banana squash as well. No zucchini. My parents always swim in the stuff at the end of summer and I figure I can take some off their hands.

I honestly have no idea where this gardening/nesting is coming from. When I am not at work I want to be outside. We have been grilling like crazy and eating all our dinners out on the patio furniture. The other night I sat outside and read the book my friend gave me, "My Name is Asher Lev." It was a perfect read as the sun went down and the sky went from blue to peach to dark purple to velvet black and stars.

I've never really been interested in yardwork before but there is something rather satisfying about `taming the great outdoors.' I like to have friends over and I don't want to be embarassed by my backyard. The house though I think appreciates it. It feels...less sad. Hooray! Somebody lives here that cares about me!

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