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Beowulf Update: Diagnosis and Treatment

Wulfie wasn't doing so hot this morning (like really, really not so hot,) and I was on pins and needles waiting for the doctor to call. When he finally did he told me it looked like he was fighting some internal infection..he had some ideas but more than anything he asked me to bring him soon as possible.

I tried not to panic...but I called my mom asking her if she wouldn't mind coming to the vet with me. I was afraid I might need a little bit of handholding. Since he is her "grandkitten," she agreed. I was grateful for some moral support.

So's the deal. It could be a number of things but they are working from most likely to least likely in terms of treatments. All signs are indicative of feline cholangio hepatitis and the treatment is a series of antibiotics that will go for about eight weeks. Some genius of a doctor came up with a transdermal antibiotic. This means twice a day I have to rub it into his EARS. That's right messing with needles or trying to force anything down his throat. I am grateful.

I also have to up his protein intake so bought some higher protein stuff at Petsmart after the visit.

I really like Dr. Cook...the vet who is working with Beowulf. He has a good manner and he seems to research everything. One reason they redid the bloodwork was because there were some things he wanted to be sure of and I guess he spent some time on the phone talking with some other vets about possible causes and treatments. The receptionists at front commented on this when I asked them about it. They said he is really, really thorough and I for one appreciate it.

Mom and I stopped at Petsmart where I got his new food and she got a carrier for Edward. He has his own appointment coming up. Poor Beowulf though, he must have been really stressed out and he must've really needed to go (he hadn't used the litter box all day,) and so he wound up urinating in his bag. This made him (and Mom who was holding his bag) unhappy.

Back in Farmington I decided since he was relatively out of it and it was hot and his fur was so ill kept it was time to bust out the clippers. He did really well all things considered. Mom snapped some pictures and as soon as they are emailed to me I will post them up. He's not all the way done...right now he sort of looks like he got in a fight with a lawn mower but he seems considerably more happy now that he doesn't have all that hot fur and those mats.

He does still look pretty silly though.

He still is inordinately groggy...the antiobiotic the vet gave him is supposed to act fast so we will see how he feels tomorrow.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts and prayers. He's only six and I want him with me for a very, very, very long time.

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