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Wulfie Update

pheonix_jade here updating for jatg on the current status of Wulfie.
"I talked to the vet and they're still waiting back on the results of the blood work. Some of the levels indicate that he's fighting an infection. Additionally, I researched on Google last night about some of the high levels they found and found that liver problems are usually treatable. He hasn't been eating. Good news is that whatever he has is probably treatable, bad news is that they don't know what he has. He seems very, very lethargic. Thoughts, well wishes and prayers are greatly appreciated. And yes, I know, I write a lot about Wulfie, but I don't have kids, and he IS a superior cat. If I did have kids, I'd still love Wulfie just as much. I come from a family where pets are part of the family."

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