Jett (jatg) wrote,

The Beowulf Update:

I got a call yesterday afternoon from the vet who told me:

1. Beowulf was much improved.
2. His temperature had gone down.
3. He was eating and drinking
4. He was purring and pretty much charming everyone at the clinic.

With these four items of interest he believed it would be better for Beowulf for me to just come get him than have him spend the night there as well.

While his stay at the vet was a bit spendy it's still cheaper than if *I* stayed at a hospital for a day. Beowulf seemed happy to see me and purred and licked my face.

Rather than lug him all the way back to Salt Lake I spent the evening at my parents in Farmington and Wulfie could rest without fear of Mischief jumping all over him. I had a nice dinner with my parents at Red Lobster and we were going to go to Sam's Club but poor pheonix_jade who had been out earlier started having troubles with "Norton," my father's truck. My poor dad had to drive out to Sardine Canyon and try to get Norton and running and pheonix_jade rescued. He arrived home last night a little after midnight. Fortunately for him my mom had made some wassail and it was waiting for him.

Mom and I were glad we were holed up in our little hobbit holes with the pellet stove going. It was a cold and windy night last night. Trucks were being blown over, trees were being blown into power lines...all in all a blustery horrible night.

Wulfie is not still quite himself this morning but he is much improved. I'm still waiting on hearing back from the vet with the results from his blood work.

But the bottom line is...he's back with me.

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