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The Beowulf update

Beowulf has been lethargic all weekend. I know cats are supposed to sleep all the time but there's a difference between the typical catnap and barely opening his eyes when I would pick him and move him from my bed to the couch or from the couch to in front of his food. Which he had no interest in.

I was hoping it was his allergies but it seems to be something more serious. Apparently on top of his lethargy he is running a fever, he has dropped weight and is a bit dehydrated. (Not surprised at the last one...he hasn't wanted to eat or drink all weekend.) He also hasn't been doing a very good job of grooming himself for over the past month...(I wasn't too worried about that one since I had planned on busting out the clippers in a few weeks.)...but it's indicative of something more than just a bug over the weekend.

So...they are keeping him today and overnight to observe and will be running some bloodwork on him to see if anything shows up there.

Sigh. I hate being at work and not having him here.

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