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My doings

Spent yesterday evening at wyckhurst's watching mr_science and princess_o as well as Big H who is a mighty big 3 years old now. My sister and her husband were in need of A Night Out which as part of my Best Aunt Ever duties felt obligated to provide. (No, I'm's no obligation at all. I adore spending time with those kids. I also figured it was a good Mother's Day present.)

They were eating pizza PIZZA PIZZA when I arrived which was good. I tidied it up and after playing with them for a while felt few qualms about putting on some of the dollar DVDs of really old cartoons my sister had picked up. They were a dollar for a reason... the visuals were terrible as was the sound but the kids liked them. Crazy old stuff... an old Donald Duck short done during WWII which was when the government had pretty much taken over Disney studios. It had this not so subtle message...any dollar you spend on yourself and not on your income tax ("which Americans should pay gladly and GRATEFULLY") is a dollar spent for the AXIS!

S asked me what the axis was. I told them they were the bad guys in World War II.
"But WHO were they?"
"They were mostly Germany and Japan."
"What about England? Were they on the axis team too?"
"No...they were with the ALLIES. That was the United States and Canada and France and some others. They were the GOOD guys."
"So, I guess this was AFTER the Revolutionary War and we decided to be friends with them again, right?"
Hee hee hee.


We watched a DVD full of the old Fleischer Superman cartoons and they were big fun for me to watch. All the kids liked them but my favorite part was listening to S's rather astute observations:

"If he keeps WINKING when people mention SUPERMAN they're going to figure it out!"
"If Clark Kent walks into a room and comes out as Superman right in front of the people he works with and then flies out a window they are going to realize they're the same person!!! He's not very careful with his top secret identity at ALL!!!"

On Lois Lane:

She keeps getting herself in those situations! She should pay more attention! What if Superman weren't there?

Plus, they LOVED the old Superman theme song which I confess was pretty catchy and easy to sing to. Okay, so there aren't REAL lyrics but it's easy to listen to it and figure out where you are supposed to cheer out "SUPERMAN!!!!" Which turned into a song for S...which he loved. So OF COURSE I had to plug in O's name who has a COW if somebody does something/has something and SHE doesn't. Then I had to sing for H who liked his name being plugged into the song as well.


Bed time. Sweet, sweet bedtime.

More favorite comments from Mighty S:
"Aunt FAST is 1 to 2 miles an hour."
" to two miles an hour."
"But how FAST?"
"Well, if you were walking and it took you an HOUR to walk a mile...that's one mile an hour."
"Is that fast?"
"Walking? No...not really. But hey, if you were a would be AMAAAAZING."
"If you were a would be a MIRACLE!!!"


I watched Heathers...I think Bill and Suzanne got it in their latest NetFlix round. I had seen little bits but never the whole thing. It was supposed to be this really dark comedy about teenage angst etc in the late 80s...and while bits WERE funny...time had rendered it horrible. After Columbine and all the other crazy kid school was a bit too chilling to watch.


After that, a reading of The Epic of Gilgamesh. I find it interesting that with how old the stories are (and I believe this is the one of the oldest stories mankind has?) so many things remain universal. A man who has lived his heroic life to the fullest...conquered beasts, loved many, had his soulmate/best friend Enkidu...and after his friend dies quests against mortality and wondering just what it's all FOR.

Fascinating stuff. I find much of it stays with me. I loved the repition...the way phrases would beat out rythems and patterns. I do not know much about The Epic of Gilgamesh but I suspect it would be better to read it aloud.


I stayed at Suzanne's house longer than I expected. I never want to be a guest who overstays my welcome and so was preparing to go when Suzanne mentioned she was making her pizza PIZZA PIZZA and I was welcome to stay. Bill was going to be taking the kids out on "errands" (ie: looking for Mother's Day presents,) and so I opted to stay.
Bill and los monitos left later than I thought they were going to...but it all worked out. I got to hold the Littlest H for quite a spell AND she was awake so I got to try to get her to smile (with limited success,) AND I got to just hang out with my sister. We haven't done that for quite a while so it was nice to just sit back and chew the fat with her. And her pizza PIZZA PIZZA was wonderful. I need to get her dough recipe and start making the stuff.

At home I took nokiaion some errands at The Gateway and then at home we blitz cleaned the house and phoenix_jade and red_girlfriend came over for some Robo Rally. Fun game but I suspect it will get easier the more we play. There is a bit of a learning curve on it and we have not played it for quite a long time.

It was fun seeing them. I have not had a game night in far too long. I must start doing it on a more regular basis.


I know it is mean and perverse but I'm really interested in seeing how Mother's Day tomorrow is handled in a ward where nobody is married and (nearly) everyone wants to be.

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