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In other news: 10 things

1.  The stiffness from my neck appears to  be disappating downwards towards my right shoulder.  It's feeling worlds better though.  Kick boxing last night I think actually rather helped it.  I could feel things stretching and relaxing and (the oddest feeling) popping back into place. 

2.  Heading to wyckhurst's place this evening to watch the oldest 3 monitos.  It should  be fun.  I know their nighttime routine pretty well.

3.  I just got a few Sunstone commissions. (and yes, you should click on the link because on the front page is one of my cartoons.)    I am doing illustrations for one story and one article.  WheeeEEEEeee!!!

4.  Have started drawing a new Puzzles story.  Stay tuned.

6.  I expect to have Red Sparrow all updated by Monday.  Sigh... But yes, I am aware Ninja Person is still in the castle...Brock is still interviewing Lord Darthac AAAANNNNDDD.... Precursor  is about to bust a serious move.  Oh yeah.

7. My roommate came home the other night with her two DOGS.  They are pommeranians  and look like if very small deer had mated with very large guinea pigs.  Beowulf is his normal nonchalant self and plops where e're he will.  Mischief is PETRIFIED of them and hides all  the time.  I love  those  dogs.  I want them to stay but sadly will be heading home this weekend.

8. nokiai and I finished the grand majority of front yard weeding yesterday before kickboxing.  Hopefully we can plant in another week.

9. I am having a Cute Day.  Go ME.

10.  I got the Episode III soundtrack...and have mixed feelings.  I think it's probably the weakest of the new trilogy scores.  Ep 1 had that wonderful Duel of the Fates and Ep II had the soaring love theme.  (yes, it was awful on screen, but the music was AWESOME.)  This one doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table and instead seems to quote muchly from Eps IV and V.  I suspect that was George Lucas pressure who has made a big hoo hah about this movie visually bridging the gap etc.  It's just seems to be this cobbled together pastiche of themes...and yes I DID just successfully use the word pastiche in a sentence.

Still though...there's something that brings out the SQUEEEEEEE in me to hear Luke and Leia's theme again among others.  I am trying  to remain spoiler free and go into Ep III with NO expectations but...after listening to the just can't help but get a LITTLE excited to hear that those rousing opening notes.  DAAAAAA DA DA DA DAAAA!!!!

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