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Sigh... or Why Animation is in the State it is In.

So after a quickie Smith's run for an incapcitated roommate, I'm standing in the checkout stand. I'm wearing my kickboxing pants and my black T-shirt that says in the Disney font "Disappointed."

Two rather inebriat...iniebria...enebria... drunk fellows turn around and one of them happens to see my shirt.

"Dude," he says somewhat slurredly. "I love your SHIRT."
"Thank you," I respond back politely. "I'm a fan."
"I totally get it." he says back. "I think their WORST movie was ANASTASIA."


"Disney didn't DO Anastasia."


Another pause.

"Well...then who did TOY STORY?"

"That was Pixar."

"I thought Disney did that one!"

"No...they distributed it."


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