Jett (jatg) wrote,

Dream on..

Dream the First:

Dreamed I was in an earthquake last night.  I was visiting some people I knew. (In my dream.  In  real life I have NO idea who  they were.)  I felt the ground start to quiver...and wondered if it was just me...but then it turned to jello.  We were upstairs and so we all crammed into the doorframe and looked across the room out the window....and watched in horror as the horizon line  turned...and then the house flipped.
We got out and I called my folks ... (the flipped house was at the foot of the hill) and let them know we were okay...but the hill was too scary to navigate so I wasn't sure how I could get home.

Dream the Second:

Dreamed I was dropping a friend off at the airport.  Rather than go in with her I dropped her off at the curb.  She came around to give me a hug and as she did I noticed the weather was getting really awful.  As I drove home torrents of rain came down.

A few hours later (in my dream,) I realized that her luggage was still in the back of Friday.  I freaked out knowing she was apt  to be aaaannngry and I did not have my cell phone on me if she had been trying  to call.  I couldn't believe I had pulled away without even noticing she had yet to retrieve her luggage ... and at the same time wondered why she would give me a hug BEFORE she got her luggage.  Isn't a hug the LAST thing you do?

The weather was so awful that I could not get to the airport even though I tried.  I even tried to walk it back...but everything was all swampy.  At home I decided to at least wash the contents of her luggage and put them in the washer...which for some weird reason was in  the downstairs closet at my mother's house.

A few hours later I could hear the front door open...and the wind was still howling. I winced knowing it was her and she had managed to get herself back to Farmington.  She had tried to call...and it had gotten spendy...30 dollars she said.  I told her I would pay that.  I went to the washer to see how the clothes were doing and was again horrified to see the soap had not dissolved at all!

She said her laptop was missing...but I knew where that was and brought it out.  It had a really funky cover...all silver and blue.

All my family and friends were delighted to see her but I felt bad because she had been outside and was  totally windswepped and dirty and tired...and I knew that she really HAD to get home.



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