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Pain Captain! PAIIIINNNNN!!!!

I'm not sure WHAT it is that I have done to my neck but it has been getting more and more stiff throughout the day. I keep trying to do stretches which help for a little bit...but then LOCK.

It's so I can't even bend over anymore.

Needless to say I took things very gingerly in kickboxing tonight. It was the last night with the substitute instructor (he ROCKS) and he did some stretches and some aligning techniques which felt GREAT...but didn't get my neck to pop. He was really surprised at how limited my movement was.

"Your neck is really, really tender and I do NOT want to push it." he told me.

I did take some aleve tonight and bribed my roommate with some warmed up halibut to give it a good rubdown. It helped considerably but I am still sore.

Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with maybe a small twinge that goes away during the day.



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