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Buenas noches

It has been a pleasant day.

Church was good again. Two lessons on finances. Yes, yes.... Choir was interesting again. (Started a new piece and while it's pretty, um boy...I need help with the alto part. I have a hard time hearing it because the tenors are really loud on my left side and the sopranos are crazy loud on the right. I am liking the general snark of the alto section though. ) Sat by two of em in Sacrament meeting and got some good cartoon ideas.

The people in charge of the newsletter wanted to use a few of my cartoons for this issue and I released a few of them to pick from. They misspelled my name and printed them the size of postage stamps. I may be rethinking this. It's not just ego, I promise...but something smacks me hard when they want to use my cartoons ... want to make some changes (answer: NO.) and then print them so small I wonder why they print them in the first place. I guess it's the lack of...appreciation for cartoons. Would they have put in a "regular picture" and printed them so small you need a magnifying glass to properly look at it?

Had dinner outside again. Had good conversation again. Had a nice long walk with the roommate.

Had a nice long chat with the roommate this evening who has been offered a stake calling. She is shellshocked. I am amused and have recommended that she have a conversation with xenologue about it. (Yes, Alex...this is a heads up. :))

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