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I spent the evening working in the yard with nokiai. We got a LOT done. Slowly the jungle is being tamed. It turns out at the end of the driveway wedged against the fence was a GATE...that still actually pivoted. We set it up and let the cats out in the backyard. Beowulf was in heaven. I think he was initially sceptical...wondering if I was going to grab him like I usually do when he ventures outside but once he realized it was okay he was a happy, happy boy. Mischief does NOT like to be outside and instead hovered at the door peering into the open yard. That is fine with me.

We did our shopping and picked up a grilled chicken and sat out on our patio furniture with some of nokiai's friends and one of the roomies when she got home. It made for yet another Most Pleasant Evening. We decided getting the patio furniture was one of the BEST things we've done for the house.

Tomorrow...working on the FRONT yard.

Now I need to lean over, turn out the light and try not to disrupt Beowulf who is lying happily on my feet with his loud grumbly purr.

Good night moon.


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Apr. 30th, 2005 11:38 am (UTC)
What a lovely way to spend an evening. Our Thora is like Mischief (and in fact my mother-in-law used to call her Miss Chief); show her the outside and she just looks overwhelmed; carry her out in it and you get the most piteous wail. I tried, once, when I wanted to show her the sky wasn't out to get her, but couldn't bear the miao and let her back in after barely 5 seconds.

I've been potting and trying to get our yard the way I want it, but yesterday the lawnmower died. Dunno how I'm going to stand the backyard while it's being fixed; the repair shop is running over a week behind. Maybe I'll try and fix it myself (it's electric, not gas, so I'm not scared of messing with it as long as it's unplugged).
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