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Why I don't need to watch sitcoms

Mary: I'm not your normal girl. If I had breast cancer I'd be all "It's okay! Cut `em off!"
Rachael: That's because you don't have anything!
Jett: Yeah...if you lost em you'd lose like, what...a pound?


Cashier at Store: Okay, you have to remember your card for next time, otherwise they won't be able to check you out.
Jett: Sigh. And it's been SO LONG since I've been checked out.


Sensei: Okay, just let me know when this hur...


After reading a handout on sexual harassment at work.

Me: Does having to keep wiping all you guy's pee off the toilet seat count as sexual harassment? I'm just asking.
Adam: I know! I like to sit down when I go and all you guys are grossing me out!

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