Jett (jatg) wrote,

Ten things

1.  I dreamed I was giving myself a haircut the other night.  I was standing behind myself and holding my head and decided I would just lose it all and proceeded to shave it all off.  I could feel the clippers vibrating in my hand and stared in fascination at watching these long locks spill over my hands and onto the floor.  I didn't see my own face, but I knew it was me.  I told wyckhurst and she cracked up.  "'re not even bothering creating symbols!"

2.  I am still buzzing from my 24 Hour Comic.  I think...I think...I may revisit these characters. 

3.  My roommates and I got patio furniture.  (a table, 6 chairs and a glider,)  We cleaned off our patio of a few years of junk and decayed leaves and other crud and set it up.  We need to get some outdoor lights but we had dinner out there the other night and it was Exceedingly Pleasant.  I plan on spending many a summer evening outside smelling the air and just Being.

4.  Our sensei is out of town and so she has a friend of hers taking over the classes.  Tuesday night he taught us some of the stuff they use for the Israeli army, and let me just say they are EFFECTIVE.  I was also told that I definitely don't hit like a girl.  RRARR.  Got some pretty interesting bruising going on my forearms.  (pictures pending)

5. Got "job shadowed" by a girl today who told me she was 14 (turns out she was 13...but she'd be 14 at the end of July so almost!) who looked like she wanted to 18.  Good grief!  Jr. High sucks, by the way.

6. It's been raining a LOT.  I like the smell.  So do the weeds in our yard.

7. I need to go see my new niece again before she loses the "Teenie Weenie, not to be seen" newborn look.

8. I need to go see Mighty S and Princess O and Big H as well and try to fly the kite on a day when it is actually windy!

9. Spin class at 5:30 in the morning sucks.  And yet I go.

10.  I need to bust out the clippers on Beowulf soon.  I am hesitant because that will make him more vulnerable to Mischief's sneak attacks. 

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