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T.G. Studios, we have liftoff...

Well, sorta.

The Mark Studios is creating and producing a half hour sketch comedy show for the local UPN affiliate with a time slot before Mad TV. This is Extremely Cool. So cool in fact that I went down to their studio to find out who to talk to and show some of my animation and see what it would take to get some of my ideas on the show. While I was fairly certain I wouldn't have to sit through meeting after meeting and talk to a bunch of zombie robot execs I wasn't ready for just how FAST things went.
I met the director, producer, actor, creator (this is all one guy) and told him I was an animator, I was at the chalk festival, they said come by anytime...
He had heard of me, he loved cartoons, wanted to put animation in the show, they were open for any ideas, when could I show him anything?

Yay for the 21st century. I love my laptop.

I showed him the first 3 "Spot On" shorts...and he was bubbling over with enthusiasm.

I showed him "The Hat" and he was sold.

So, bottom line, here's the deal for me. Sorta...

He told me they would put on anything I gave them. Anything they can do to help (they are installing a recording studio this week,) they have a music guy if I need anything, they have a lot of actors who would love to do voices, heck, if I gave them 22 minutes of cartoons they would do an entire show one week of em.

The catch:
Right now there is NO money. They are finishing up the pilot episode (hence me frantically working on "The Hat," so it'll make it in the pilot) and will use the pilot to go and shop for sponsors. They think they will be able to get some since the current show leading up to Mad TV is "Hogans Heros." But until sponsors are involved they can't pay me diddley. They WILL put the T.G. studios logo and url up before each short and really make sure people know that I did the animation, not them...and again, they'll put on ANYTHING.

Now I've got an outlet for every short short I thought would be hilarious but had no place to put (except my website and to show a few friends,) and even more cool...(and no, I'm not counting any chickens before they're hatched,) but the ultimate plan with this show is to sell it to Comedy Central or some other cable outlet.

The Hat, Spot On, The Real Reel!, Nuclear Winter, all the mock commercials I've ever wanted to do, all the EL PERRO shorts I've mentally planned (Ayyyiiieeee! Such a waste of SUPERHERO TALENT!)...and my baby of babies...Muppets Take Titanic, all these and more...I'm a bit gurgly right now.

Off to finish the Hat.

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