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I should be in bed...

...oh wait, I am. Just not asleep. I look over at the couch where Beowulf is sacked out, flat on his back, 4 paws to the wind. Lucky kitty. I have my spin class in an hour. Whee!

Been surfing the web, drawing comics, mulling over what I need to get done this week, unusual developments in my life, smiling at the memory of holding my new teenie weenie niece in my hands and smelling her new teenie weenie baby smell. All this instead of sleeping. I've TRIED. Just...not sleepy. Brain is going 1000 miles an hour. I need clones of myself to bring to fruition all my ideas. The problem with that would be all those clones would start getting ideas of their own.

I know I'm going to be dying this afternoon, but what can you do? If I can stick with it throughout the day I'll sleep really, really well tonight. Jett unconscious. THUNK.

For no reason, I shall say this:


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