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More connections...

The theme continues: 
I read gigiss's entry today and couldn't help but smile oh so broadly.  I too know the strange and marvelous feeling of lives moving back into our respective orbits.

Jason and Sam:  My home ward

A few weeks ago I got a call from Sam. One of my friends from my home ward, not my nephew.  He and I grew up together and I was absolutely convinced I was going to marry him.  I was 9 years old and he seemed like a decent soul, someone soft spoken, strong and not cruel like all the other boys in the ward. 
A few years later Jason moved into the ward and seemed to be a kindred soul.  Not to say he was perfect, he WAS a teenage boy and had moments of extreme obtuseness but for the most part we got along and were in several plays together in high school.  When I needed a "date" or somebody to hang out with I would call Jason.  He humored me with my comic book fanaticism and I humored him with his James Bond obsession.  To this day when I see a James Bond film I remember Jason drilling me on Bond trivia. His gun is a Walther PPK.

Sam and Jason returned from their mission roughly the same time...about a week before I was to leave on mine.  The last time I had a really good chat with him was the night before I was set apart.  It was the 4th of July, 1994  and we went to see Lion King.  I remember talking to him in the warm summer night as we watched the fireworks go off at Lagoon and he has memories of kissing me on the doorstep though I have absolutely no memory of that, and I'm sorry, that IS something I would definitely remember. 

I saw both of them about a year and a half ago, they came into the movie theater (which hey, that wasn't humiliating at ALL,) and while it was great to see them, it's not like the environment was conducive for a good "what have you been up to" reunion?

So I'm talking a call from Sammy who tells me Jason is in town, can we get together at some point?  So, we wound up having dinner at the Village Inn and it was wonderful to see them.  I made a wisecrack as I went into the restaurant as they were both already waiting.  "Hey, lookit me, having a date with two good looking married men!"

As I sat down, I took off my hat and said to them seriously, "There is something important I need to tell you...just to get it out of the way.  You should know...I no longer work at the movie theater."  They busted up laughing.  It was like no time had passed.

Later  that evening Jason gave me a  ride home and we wound up chatting in the driveway for nearly 2 more hours.  I was so happy to see him, so happy his life was going well.  His wife sounds really terrific and while he has made some decisions I would not have, I am happy he is well. 


Heether: High school

The other day I was going through an old email account and stumbled across an email address and wondered if it was still valid.  I sent off a quickie email,  "Hey, is this still you?" and got a response back late last night/ early this morning.
"Jean!  Is it seriously you?!" 
So, I knew it was legit.
Early on in our friendship we started making fun of each other's names...I pointed out that Heather could easily be pronounced "Heeth-er" and she countered with "Jean-ette," and it stuck.  I can't imagine calling her Heather...she is simply Heeth.
She was my counterpart in every play I was in while in high school.  We played the stepsisters in Cinderella, we were in Pillow Talk together...there weren't enough guys in the class when we did Babes in Toyland so we were cast as the bumbling henchmen together with Jason (the aforementioned connection,)  and my final play she played Miz Tate... a socialite that did NOT get along well with my Annie Oakley.  So yeah, we have been fairly bonded.
So, now she is back in my orbit, even if it is via email.


Brian Zidovek:  Sheridan

Got an email from one of my classmates at Sheridan.  Mr. Layout, the kind, soft spoken Brian Zidovek who took me out on a date and in his email confessed he had a bit of a crush on me.  He's now getting married and seems really happy.  He caught me up with what everyone else was up to and I am happy knowing so many of my classmates are doing well, especially in this time of animation upheaval.
I told him the news of everybody that I stayed in contact Ryan is doing freelance, Sylvie is very, very pregnant and is taking leave from Pixar...BJ is doing the indie thing and is really happy.  It's like we are custodians of each other's deliver the news, to assure each other that the people we care about are well.

Now, I don't think I will run out to Virginia and hang out with Jason and his wife and while I would love to buy some tickets and wing off to Hawaii to hang out with Heeth any time soon (but wow, I'm tempted,) and Brian HAS invited me  to lunch while I am in Canada this summer (still need to get that trip finalized... these small connections have made me happy in a way that surprises me with the intensity.

If we are so delighted upon the return, why do we let connections go out of our lives in the first place?

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