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10 Things I like tonight...

The 10 Things Meme: List 10 things you like.

10. I like the comraderie I have at Naked Tuesdays. One of my friends from there is leaving for a new adventure and it will not be the same without her there.
9. I like that I go to kickboxing feeling fat and sluggish and slow and walk out feeling like an energetic superhero.
8. I like that my cat wants to lick me hello when I pick him up and pet him after a long day. At least somebody is interested in nibbling on my neck!
7. I like the taste of mixed vegetables scrambled in eggs. Yeah, yeah...I DO.
6. I like the fact that for the most part my family likes each other and enjoys each other's company. I am discoving how precious and rare that actually is.
5. I like that fact that I have made quilts for some of my cherished loved ones and they continue to sleep under them. Since I am not in their lives on a day to day quilts are.
4. I like my teeth. Thank you mom and dad. Thank you Dr. Chris.
3. I like having an obsessive personality. Despite the obvious drawbacks without it I would never be where I am today...which is animating for a living. Something I decided I wanted to do when I was 6 years old.
2. I like that I like kids and kids like me. This is something that cannot be faked.
1. I like smelling spring in the air. The combination of warm rain and fresh turned dirt is wonderful.

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