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In other news...

I have a rip roaring case of sick!

I've been fighting SOMETHING since Thursday evening but figured it was allergies...I mean, tis the season and all that. I went to bed completely exhausted Friday evening but figured a lot of that was from dealing with S, O and H who were also off their regular schedule.

I felt MUCH better on Saturday morning (I'm thinking the Nyquil I took the night before helped) and actually felt pretty good for my Big Fun Day with O.
Today though...I have been having deep hacking coughs...(feels like my bronchitis again,) I can't really get WARM and I want to sleep all the time.

Now...I can deal with being sick...but what really worries a LOT... is that I spent some time at my parents house... my mom is recovering from knee surgery... and I spent a LOT of time with my sister's kids ... especially with O yesterday... and they just arrived back at their house with their dad, mom and newborn BABY SISTER in tow!

So, the grand majority of my prayers tonight:

Please do not let my mom or those kids get sick!
That is all, thank you, AMEN.

PS: Please let this theraflu kick in, let me warm up and then fall ASLEEP.

(and not throw up!)

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