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Big Fun with Aunt Jeanette!

I had my offical Big Fun Day with my niece yesterday and for the most part I think it went well.

There has been much drama this weekend with my sister having her baby early and me watching the kids and then getting them all packed up and taking them to their Grandma and Grandpa D's and basically doing everything I could think of to allieviate the stress wyckhurst and sighted must have been going through.

It was rather late in the evening by the time I got Mighty S, Princess O and Big H to their grandparents and I was more than exhausted and I wondered how well Annette and Doug would handle 3 kids and so to make their life easier and mine, I offered to take O for the day on Saturday so we could have our Big Fun Day. This worked really well for all parties involved.

Since O was already IN Salt Lake I wouldn't have to drive past Provo, pick her up, come BACK to SLC...have our Big Fun Day, drive her BACK and then drive ME back. That would be an awful lot of miles on My Girl Friday y'know?

Anyway, she was all ready to go when I picked her up and she seemed really excited. Might S seemed a little crestfallen but he understood that this was her BIRTHDAY present and I wasn't just picking one of them at random to go have a Big Fun Day while their mom was in the hospital. He fully expects a Big Fun Day on HIS birthday now. That will be easy. :)

We went to Grandma and Grandpa A's so she could say hello to my parents and I could drop off Beowulf. They were delighted to see her. My dad is a sucker for little girls and I think my mom liked seeing her since she is recovering from knee surgery.

We went to Sam's Club where she picked out a bouquet of carnations. She wanted to get for each grandma and her mother but Aunt Jeanette's pocketbook had different ideas. We got a big one and I convinced her it would be fun to split it up.

On the way back to Grandma and Grandpa A's she fell asleep in the car. It has been a long hard few days for her with all of the chaos and uncertainty and the driving and being shuttled from one place to another. All things considered I think they've all been troopers.

She had a long nap at Grandma A's. I was getting a bit concerened at the length of it...I didn't want her wired for the whole evening but after 2.5 hours she was up. We had dinner there...(she wasn't interested in the soup someone brought for my mom,) so I made her a sandwich that I wound up cutting wrong. Whoops! Who knew!

The best part of the Big Fun Day though was when we went to Color Me Mine. I picked up one of my roommates who wanted to go and I selected a plate, a saucer and a cup for O. We went through a pretense of designing waht she wanted to do on paper... but in retrospect I should have let her pick the colors she wanted and go for it.
I think she had a lot of fun and I can't wait to pick up the finished pieces and take them down to her.

It was a little past 8 in the evening by the time I got her back to her grandparents. Mighty S and Big H were still up and happy to see us. S told O about how they went to the aquarium and he had this whole bag of aquarium animals. (Can't wait to see how wyckhurst reacts to THAT since she has been doing major decluttering,)

Hearing about the boy's adventure and seeing the toys O promptly sat down and started to whimper.

"Whats wrong?" her grandpa asked.
"I didn't get to to to the aquarium..." she said in a tight sad little voice.


She's five so I can't be too upset and so I decided I would try to distract her. Rather than acknowledging what she didn't do I told her to tell her grandpa all the stuff she PAINTED.

Ah. That worked.

Mighty S looked a bit jealous. I told him how fun the place was and how I couldn't wait to take HIM. He smiled, big and pleased.

Anyway, I think the day was a success.

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