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The Aunt Jeanette Update

I've had for the most part an enjoyable day. I talked with wyckhurst a few times on the phone and got some instructions from her on getting the kids packed up as well as pushing through a few more loads of laundry.

Bill returned and it was decided it would ultimately be easier for me to stuff the kids and all their stuff into Friday and we headed out.

It's fascinating how different the mindset is when you are in charge of a bunch of little bodies. You are so much more alert in driving. When we stopped by the Gateway mall to watch the fountain, it's like herding a bunch of cats and you look at everybody like they are a potential pedophile.
Managing the bathroom I take H with me or do I let him go with Mighty S? As I told my mom...every minute is like a puzzle trying to put the answers together. How far ahead do I let them run, how long do I let them prattle in the car...what is the best way to tell them to PLEASE BE QUIET, I CAN'T SEE BECAUSE ALL YOUR STUFF IS IN THE BACK OF MY CAR AND YES I KNOW THE HEART OF A MIGHTY BLUE WHALE IS AS BIG AS A VOLKSWAGON.

I thought their Grandma and Grandpa were going to be ready for them at 4:00 so I was rather surprised and startled when their Grandma D told me she wasn't going to be ready for a fair bit. I was beat and decided I had no problem with the DVD player playing babysitter. We put on Mary Poppins (they had never seen it) and around 6:00 got pizza and for dessert we made S'mores. The s'mores were a BAD idea. It simply had occurred to me all the various ways kids could smear chocolate everywhere. Pictures coming.

As I pulled out of my driveway to get the kids to their grandmothers, not being able to see I started out at a bad angle...and wound up doing a job on my drivers side mirror. Sigh. I'll have to call my insurance tomorrow and see what I can see. Darn is not a good time.

Anyway, it's been fun but I'm getting a little antsy since I haven't heard anything from wyckhurst since about 2:00. I'm guessing the iBaby isn't out yet or I would have heard ...


Speak of the I typed that sentence my cell phone rang with a Bill delivered update. Suzanne is still plugging along but there isn't anything new yet.

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