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Uhhhh huh.

Just got back from a family activity with my mom's older sister and her family.

It's funny. I see a family that works really well (my sister) and then compare it to the train wreck that belongs to my cousin and I'm suddenly a lot less apprehensive about marriage and family. `Y'know what?' I think to myself,` I would be an awesome mom!'

One of the major reasons I realize to myself is that I would never marry a cretin like my cousin did. I can't believe how much he puts down his wife and kids and now I see the kids doing it to each other. It's a horrible cycle. He said something particularly nasty to his oldest daughter as I was talking to her. After he left I told her, "I would never let anybody talk to me like that."
"Well," she said, "he always does that."
"That doesn't make it right."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is a guy who was making mean remarks to my brother who was under the age of 10 at the time. He was mean and sarcastic to my best friend right upon meeting her...and she was doing him a favor at the time!

I guess I'm having a little more confidence in myself and my ability to pick a partner who is exactly that. A PARTNER.

Beowulf did NOT do well. They had to muzzle him and he wound up biting through THAT. I'm sure he got manhandled like there was no tomorrow and was probably terrified. The cut itself is pretty darn bad. He's very uneven and yeah, he's kind of stupid looking. I'm glad it's over. He will be a lot cooler now, his fur will grow and if/when he needs to be cut again I'll know to take him to the vet first and get him tranqilized.

He has since calmed down. He was purring when we got home and promptly tucked into a bowl of cat food. I guess I'm forgiven, but I still feel pretty bad.

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