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Naked Tuesday

It's the end of the month and so the last time with Steve.  Last week I used the last page of my "ghetto book" and while they have been fun I'm looking forward to drawing on something other than flattened out paper bags stitched together with a cover of scrap mat board.  In order to celebrate I went out and bought nice paper specifically for the Tuesday night session.

Some clarification to Naked Tuesday since  there seems to be some confusion.

I am not a student.  This is not a bona fide class. 

I am a professional animator and I do this every Tuesday because
1. I love it.
2. It's good for my portfolio.
3. It's good for me artistically.
4. Many other reasons.

What it IS is a group that meets at an artist's studio every Tuesday night for the purpose of figure studies.  We start out with 5 gestures that last five minutes and then the rest of the evening is a long pose.

Any other questions?

Click the thumbnail for the full image
  Steve: A selection of 5 minute gestures

I like them.  I wish I had been able to go a little bit faster so I could have done a better job on his feet and hands but his face actually isn't too bad in most of the drawings.  The one in right top corner is actually only a 3 minute drawing.

  Steve: One Hour

Well...I have mixed feelings about this one.  One the one hand, I think there is a lot that works rather well.  On the other it comes out looking a little more cariacatured than I would have liked.  It also come out a little more `high contrast' than I had originally anticipated though that does seem to be one of my trademarks.



What do you think sirs?

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