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...NOT pink please.

Dropped Beowulf off at a groomer a couple of hours ago. (They should have called by now telling me he is done.) For some odd reason I find I am really jittery. It's strange how empty the house feels with him gone, even though I have spent most of the time upstairs where he is now allowed. When I go downstairs I find myself starting to call him. I catch myself and feel silly.
I am hoping he is okay. This particular groomer is primarily dog based (as I assume most pet groomers are,) and while he gets along with dogs just fine, I don't trust that all the dogs in the place get along with cats.

I had to explain to the groomers I did NOT want him pink.
"Okay, then just a tad off?"
"No...a LOT off...but NOT pink."
"Down to the skin?"
"Not down to the skin! Not PINK."
"NOT pink?"
"NOT pink."

Beowulf was pink the first time I saw him and subsequently brought him home and boy he was silly looking. I can understand the reasons as to why they (PAWS) cut him down to the quick when he was first brought in but I don't see a reason for pinking him ever again.

Call already.

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