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And the vultures continue to circle in Florida...

I haven't commented on this but now that the macabre Terry Schaivo deathwatch has begun I thought I would jot down a few of my thoughts:

Would I want to live like that?  No.

(I've expressed that to family members more than once.  After this, I need to get it officially written DOWN and show a copy to the family members who would have to make that decision,  though hey, it's now pretty much in a public forum now since it's on my LJ, right?)

Do I have the right to make that decision for anyone else?  No.

Would I ever WANT to make that decision for anyone else?  Lord, no.

Who would I NOT want making that decision for me?  A person I had been considering divorcing, who  collected money in a lawsuit supposedly for my care and then after the money was in the bank ... seven YEARS after I had been knocked flat, had hooked up with another person AND had children with them...refused to allow any rehabiliative therapy to be done, including an MRI to determine my brain activity and only AFTER all that, said, "She once told me she didn't want to live like that," and demand the right as my significant other to legally starve me to death.



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