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Some ramblings.

Friday was an interesting day.

I went in early to work on Friday because I had a wedding to go to later on that day. One of my good friends from Seattle was getting married in the Salt Lake temple and I had an invite.

To make a long sad story short, I couldn't find my recommend...(I thought it was in my wallet. It's ALWAYS in my wallet!) and so I opted to sit in the temple waiting area. It was very peaceful and I got my scripture reading for the day done as well as reading several articles in the Ensign as well as some Spanish ones in the Liahona. I spent most of the morning in quiet self reflection and contemplation as to where I was vs where the Lord would have me be.

I often think about what` Hermana Atwood' would be saying to` Jett Atwood' and what Jett would say back. It makes for some interesting conversations. Hermana Atwood is a bit of a nag and I hate it when she is right.

When I was on the temple grounds waiting for the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hawkins I ran into a friend of mine from Seattle who was also around for the wedding and it was wonderful to see her. She had planned a camping trip I went on when I lived out there and the memory of it was one of the hilights of my time there. We went camping on Mt. St. Helens and 3 of us that were on the trip went exploring "Ape Cave."

I was glad I had a familiar face to hang out with. She caught me up on many of my friends and it made me pine even more for the Pacific Northwest.

I miss Seattle and I often think that leaving was one of the dumber decisions I have made. With that said, I am also happy with where my life is now. I love my job, my routine, my proximity to family, my ability to go and play with my niece and nephews and I have got to be around for my sister's last pregnancy. I am also happy with my new ward though I am still very, very new...but it's the first time in a long time I anticipate going to church and really look forward to meeting people.

I don't expect I will be in Utah for years and years...or even 5 but I think back on an impression I was given during a rather strenous prayer back in December...and I was impressed that I should appreciate my life, where I was at, work really hard and just keep doing what I was doing...and eventually the desires of my heart would be mine.

Boy, I'm rambling.

It was nice to see Brad. It was nice to see him so happy. It was nice to see my friend.

I am grateful.

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