Jett (jatg) wrote,

Naked Tuesday

A pretty good night I think.  Our model, Scott, kind of has this grown up Jungle Book look to him so he was really fun to draw.

  Scott:  Five minutes

I think I like this one.  I wished I had pushed the torque of his body a bit more though.

  Scott:  Five minutes

I like how you can feel his weight as he sits on the box.  It seems very languid.  I think his head is out of proportion though.

  Scott:  Twenty minutes

A breakthrough!  I think there is a subtlety, a gracefulness that has ordinarily evaded my drawing.  It's also a really good likeness which pleases me since I have really been trying to improve that.  The highlights came out stronger than I anticpated though. 


What do you think sirs?

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