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10 things about this weekend:

It has been an interesting weekend. In no particular order:

1. Saw Robots. Neat eye candy, weak story and (weary sigh,) Robin Williams doing more of his RW schict. Went with work and brought 2 of my roommates. Also saw the name of one of my classmates in the credits. Yay for Geoff Hemphill. "A BEAR!" :)

2. Ate at a little Greek restaurant I've wanted to try. We likes the Greek. I will be going back.

3. Watched the next Battlestar Galactica. I love this show. A few episodes back Starbuck hurt her leg..and 2 or 3 episodes later, it's STILL hurt. I love that they don't wave a magic wand that emits some high pitched gurgle and BOOM, fixes the break. I wonder if she's going to be able to fly again by the end of the season! Also Apollo and Starbuck are SUCH a future disfunctional couple...but the little asides we get of them are very, very cute.

4. Saw a high school production of Beauty and the Beast that was anything BUT "high school." The quality of it blew me away even though the sound was pretty garbled at times from where I was sitting. It was incredible to watch but (and I honestly tried not to judge too harshy because I AM *the* nutball fan of the animated film,) you could sure tell where they had to pad out and bloat the story to add an extra HOUR. All the new songs slowed things down and you didn't really LEARN anything new. The Beast singing? Sorry, it's just silly. We already know he is angsty about his appearance and behavior and he really, really, really wants to break that spell.

5. Had hamburgers at my parents house. I think it's the first time this year they have fired up the grill and made hamburgers. phoenix_jadeis also in town this week and it was really nice to see him. He tilled the garden at my parents as well as got his list of projects he is going to be working on this week. Some people go off an party on spring break...he is working for my folks. I know they are grateful for a big strapping boy to work in the yard this week.

6. Speaking of being in town, one of my childhood friends had flown in from California and so Brittany and I spent Saturday evening at her house...where we talked for close to 6 hours. It was super nice to see her and it is always a trip down memory lane to see people from your past.
It's funny...I have very much compartmentalized my life and my memories and the section she is in is not particularly pleasant...in fact I was downright miserable but since it was so character forming, it's nice to see most people from that era of my life.
There are some fun memories...girls camp, youth conference, walking to school...I mean, heck standing at her parent's door ringing the doorbell threw me back in time. I could tell you exactly how she did her hair because I watched her get ready so many times. It involved a curling iron and a LOT of hairspray.
I pretty much quit stopping by and picking her up when I was in Jr. High and our paths outside of church on Sunday rarely crossed by high school...but because she was one of the first people I met when our family moved to Utah, I am always invested in her life.

I resolve to not let 3.5 years go by before I see her or talk to her again. "Saaandra! Reagan's being MEAN!"


7. I was exhausted when I left Reagan's house...fortunately it's only 2 houses down from my parents so I got into some pajamas that are always conveniently left there and sacked out on the couch after a nice little talk with my mom. I am grateful I always have a place to stay.

8. I went to the over 30s singles ward today instead of going to the 5th ward with my parents. I need to have a ward that is more permenant to me. I need to quit floating around and I need to bring myself to the attention of the bishop and get my records finalized there and get a calling.

9. The lesson in Relief Society today was on unity...and I wish there had been more of a discussion. I mean, what is unity really? For that matter, what exactly is contention? Not everybody is in the same place in their spiritual growth and I don't think questions constitute contention and sometimes legitimate questions spark conversation and dialogue. So, it was a little disappointing to me because I had hoped for some interesting points to be made during the lesson. I did get a good cartoon out of it though.

10. This evening I am working on a bunch of cartoons as well as finishing some illustrations for a Sunstone article. I don't want to move however since Beowulf is snuggled up to me and I do not wish to disturb him.


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Mar. 14th, 2005 04:07 am (UTC)
ooo! This week's Battlestar was the first I have ever seen.

Am now totally hooked. *sigh* Yet again... if this show goes all babylon 5 on me, I will cry.
Mar. 14th, 2005 04:30 pm (UTC)
Not sure what Babylon 5 means... since I never watched that particular show. I am adoring what BSG is doing...I just hope it can live up to my now heightened expectations. Because man, I am all swooney over this show.
Mar. 14th, 2005 04:36 pm (UTC)
BL5 just went stooopid on us.

I really liked the characters on BSG though - but I will say... the episode DEFINITELY had overtones on destroying the DeathStar. : ) Right down to the celebration in the doc. But it was just off enough for me to really, REALLY like it.

Mar. 14th, 2005 04:18 am (UTC)
Was this week's BSG episode amazing or what? I am absolutely in love with the scene of Starbuck and Cmdr. Adama in the weight room -- such a great way to play out how stubborn and determined she is, and I think that the way Adama proved to her that her knee just wasn't up to pulling G's in the cockpit may turn out to be a key moment of character development for her.

Hmm. Must go watch it again, now.
Mar. 14th, 2005 04:26 pm (UTC)
That scene was GREAT...I love how SB looked so stubborn and pissed... at the same time I was thinking that if she is trying to rehabilitate her knee, Adama's stunt really didn't help it at all.
I also liked how we are watching her hold this weight...and wondering if she'll be able to do it...and then he tells her he only put on 3Gs, not 6. Dang. She's got a way to go.
I also love the impromptu hug between SB and Roslin...and then Roslin hugs her back.
Mar. 14th, 2005 04:27 am (UTC)
I am glad I had a pleasant fire, quilt and couch to offer you. Our lesson was on unity too--more discussion in priesthood meeting because R taught it. Did you get your mail and the love letter?
Mar. 14th, 2005 01:03 pm (UTC)
Okay, if you went to the same B & B that I went to, It wasn't the beast I had issues with...I loved belle, and lumiere, and at times the beast wasn't too forced but I died with Gaston, I felt like he was a bit overly dramatic/comedic, I think he tried to hard! BUT the sets were amazing along with the effects...Garcalian who is on my LJ list is the technical director for the play and I thought she did an amazing job. I also think that the sound system stinks in that auditorium and you never know which part will work and which part won't.
Mar. 14th, 2005 04:29 pm (UTC)
The one at Viewmont high, no? I saw the Saturday matinee.

Lumiere was great as was Cogsworth. I like his laughing like a clock chime. A small aside but we were rolling over that.

I didn't mind Gaston. He must've started underplaying the role from when you saw it vs when I did.

I thought LeFou was right on. He really had some great inflection and even from where I sat he was understandable. He brought something of his own to the role and wasn't simply apeing the animated performance...(like Maurice rather did.)

I didn't mind the Beast...I liked him. I'm just saying, I thought the majority of the new songs were weak.

As per the sound system...yeah, it's crappy but nothing beats the craptacularness that was Davis High's old auditorium. It was a NIGHTMARE.
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