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And the winner is...

Had a rather eventful last couple of days. I spent the day yesterday at my sisters and as always, gained great respect for her life. I spent most of the day helping wrangle my niece and nephews so she could get some painting done.

My nephew S sleepily walking through the kitchen and seeing me. His eyes lit up and he came charging full tilt at me. "AUNT JEANETTE! HOORAY! AUNT JEANETTE IS HERE!!!"

The kids opening their presents I brought with me. I had previously gotten S a rather cool looking Superman shirt. It is dark navy with a silver embossed S and a red field instead of yellow. It looks really classy actually but I was afraid my sister would deem a superhero shirt too dorky for her kids. S LOVED it. He wore it all day and at the end of the night didn't want to put it down the laundry chute. "It's a magic shirt." he said solemnly. "It gives me power." BUA HA HA!!!

I told him I wanted to get a shirt like it.
"With a J?" he asked. Hee...

I also gave them their Finding Nemo toys...and of course Dory was the favorite. S thinks it's great fun to `speak whale.'

Going on a walk with all 3 of them so Suzanne could have a shower in peace. Looking at the big ol' hole that has appeared in the lot behind them.

Cuddling up with S and O with H in his playpen watching Jonah: A VeggieTales movie. I had seen it before. Cute but I think their shorter videos are more fun. One of my favorite parts actually is the 2D part done by Calabash Animation depecting the evil doings of Ninevah. "AND...they hit each other with FISH!!!"

Going to O's dance rehearsal. FUN and oh so cute. She seemed rather more intent on scanning the audience so she could wave to us than dancing, but it WAS really cute. I'm glad I got to see it since I am working on Saturday and will miss the real performance.

Falling off the bandwagon:
Heading back after the rehearsal my sister decided she would take advantage of another adult watching her kids so we stopped at Sam's Club so she could do a bit of shopping. She brought out drinks for everyone; mine was a Mr. Pibb.

While I have had a little bit of carbonation here and there throughout the year I hadn't had anything remotely like I felt like an alcoholic who had been dry taking his first sips after many years. Gurrrggllegurrggllleeegurrrgggllleee... WHEEEEEEHAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

I headed to Jordan Commons when I left. Team awards were that night and I knew I was up for a silver star. A few other employees had begged me to go to this one so I hooked up with them there. We had great fun making snide comments at the head of HR who thought she was much funnier than she actually was with the microphone and BOY she had a hard time sharing the thing.
As per usual the Megaplex 12 was considerably louder than any other department in JC. Yay us.
When they finally got around to team member of the month I listened half bored wondering who they were talking about...They were going to be doing two of them since we had not had a team awards the month before. As my mind was wandering I vaguely heard "Jeanette Atwood."

Saaaay whaaaa?

Blew me out of the water. It was fun to hear the Megaplex 12 employees cheering and I saw several of them grinning knowing it's been one of my favorite things to make cartoons about the head of HR. I think they were all wondering just what I was going to do when I got up there.
I thought I was just going to shake my theater manager's hand, take my award and go back up...but he stopped me, handed me the microphone and told me I was to read the next month's award.
Heh heh heh...I have a microphone...heh heh heh...

I made a few wisecracks about how I planned to enjoy the moment since they would never give me a mike again, started to read the nomination, shhhed everyone who wasn't listening. "Hey! Quiet! This is about ME!" (big laughs) and finished reading. As I handed the microphone back I heard the head of HR say into the mike, "You're right Jeanette, we'll never hand you the mike again."
Couldn't let THAT go...
"Oh Debra," I called out. "You just wish you had HALF my stage presence."


The cool thing about winning Team Member of the month is the 100.00 Gateway gift certificate. MUCH better than a kick in the teeth, that's for sure!

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