Jett (jatg) wrote,

Ageism and the BJ Spot

I have been accused of being an "ageist" over the course of my last few posts.  I guess I rather am.  Sorry guys, but 8 years is a bit much for me.  I can't handle it when I think about when I was in high school, the other person was either:

a. learning to write in cursive
b. in the middle of their Ph.D.

And yes, I have heard of the countless people who have hooked up despite age differences and I am more than happy for them.  It's hard to find somebody to love and if you can manage it, more power to you.

For me, right now, my spread is 5 years in either direction.

I mentioned this to BJ, one of my best friends while at art school.

"But," he said, "*I* am SIX years younger than you...and don't we get along great?"
"Yes," I said, "But you are also what's your point?"
"Well...what if...," he started, "What if you meet someone that is `dateable' and is six years younger...or older?"
"Okay," I conceded.  "For you...if they are really, really cool...I will spot them an extra year."

And THAT, gentle what is known as The BJ Spot.

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