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The one where Jett talks a bit about her dating history. I'm sure you'll all be fascinated.

...I have a date tonight.

I say this because it is Something.  I say this because I had to struggle to think the last "Official Date" I had.

I had a blind date over a year ago.  We met at a restaurant, ate dinner, chatted for a while and went our separate ways.  I went straight to my parents and played Chicken Foot and had a WAAAY more fun time.  The date wasn't bad...I was just BORED.

And BORED seems to be the theme of my dating career.

The date I had before that one...I was still in Seattle.  We went to TGI Fridays and then went to listen to a Irish fiddle group play.  Later we walked around the docks and looked at boats in the moonlight and he talked about how much he wanted to live on a boat and he held my hand and I was annoyed because I felt manipulated into it and all I could think was how bored I was with HIM and how much I would have rather spent the evening with BJ or Alex.  To add to my annoyance he was asking for a second date before the  first one was even over and I told him I would think about it...(which means, NO.)

Before then I had repeated dates with a fellow that didn't want a girlfriend, he wanted a groupie that would take pictures of him in all his myriad of (extremely well done,) costumes at various conventions and other events where one could get away with dressing up.  He kept asking and I kept going until I started having nightmares of being engaged to him and trying to explain to my family and friends that I didn't LOVE him...that I was BORED with him, and yes, we had a lot of things in common and we DID do fun things but I was so utterly BORED I was terrified!

Before THEN I went out with a fellow who, while very nice, also failed to inspire any romantic feelings.  He managed a Pizza Hut and wanted to finish his degree so he could teach.  I wanted to move to Seattle and become an animator.  A month after our last date he got engaged to another girl.  Right before I left to Seattle and a week before he was to be married he confessed he wished things might have been different between us.  He looked wistful that I was leaving.  I probably looked relieved.

Before then I tried to hold a guy's hand in the movie theater and he flinched, pulled away and said something...garbled.  I asked him to repeat it and he told me in a fierce whisper, "Don't hold my hand, I feel it's inappropriate."

Now, possibly that was revenge for the last time we went out...over a year earlier when he tried to kiss me...and I could have...but when I thought about it, did I really want to...and the answer in my head was "No.  Not really," so I didn't.  And a month later after he didn't want to hold my hand, he went to Mexico and got engaged.

Before then...I can't even  remember.  I liked a guy named Jimmy Chin and he was my first kiss and while it wasn't awful, part of my brain was thinking, " this is the big deal? And wow, hey what the heck is THAT?"

Before then, I liked a guy from afar.  Very high school and very safe.  When I got home from my mission, his parents came to my homecoming and "casually mentioned" that he had gotten married while I was gone no less than 3 times.  (The times they mentioned it...not the times he got married because to be married 3 times in a year and a half really would have to be some sort of record, y'know?)  I was annoyed.  That they felt they had to mention it, not because he was married.  Sheesh,  I liked him when I was 16...when I got home I was 22.  Give it a rest, y'know?

Anyway, my dating history is not good.  It's not HORRIBLE and I kind of wish it were because really awful events turn into hilarious tales later.  But the bottom line is, generally when I am on a date, for the most part, I'm NOT fascinated by the guy and if they are fascinated by ME I feel panicked, jittery and want to get away.

And truthfully I thought I was for the most part done with it all.

A fellow that I chatted with after one of my panel appearances asked for my card and used it to call me at work.  I thought perhaps he wanted to pick my brain to see if we were hiring since he mentioned at the symposium he was a programmer and would love to work on video games. 

"Hi Jeanette, this is McKay...from the symposium...?"
I remembered him because I saw his name tag and said, "Oh, like Windsor?" but he didn't know the reference and I told him who Windsor McKay was and we wound up chatting.
"I'm going to be in Salt Lake on Friday."
Well, how nice, I thought to myself.  I wondered if he wanted a nickle tour of the company.
"I would like to take you out to dinner."
Well, how niiii.... URRRR??!!!?!??
"Um," I stammared. "That sounds like a lot of fun."  (Who SAID that?!)
So I gave him my address where to pick me up and we said our goodbyes and now...I don't know what to think.  My sister says if I shave my legs it's a date. 

So, do I hope it's a "pick your brain because I want to work in games so I'll buy you dinner," date or is he actually interested in me?  Because, he does get points for THAT considering he HAS seen me at my most geeky... delivering a discourse on animation history and speculation on where it will be in the future while wearing my "Disappointed" Tshirt. 

So...I have a date tonight.  I think.

Do I break out the razor?

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