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10 things inspired by the weather

1.  I like waking up early, looking at my watch and having a half hour or so to sleep before I get up and then having this lengthy involved dream...and upon waking up again, only 2 minutes have actually gone by.
2.  I like long bike rides.
3.  I like leaving work and it's still bright and sunny outside.
4.  I like Canada. I like the smell of the air, I like how grateful it makes me for spring after cold winters. I like at least one side of the coins and I think toonies are COOL plus I like the colored bills. I like how I always laugh when I buy milk in bags and I like how Smarties are like M&Ms and what I consider Smarties, they call Rockets. I like how everything is printed in English and French even though most of the Canadians I met couldn't speak a lick o' French even though they were fiercely defensive of their dual language.
5.  I like Seattle.  I like plunding through all their used bookstores. I like the Pacific Science Center,  I like sitting at the counter and watching them cook my dinner at the Broadway Grill, I like the festivals that happen downtown,  I like how freakin' LONG the summer days are and I like the free day at the Seattle Art Museum.  Yes, I really like Seattle.
6.  I like the heady first days of new passions.  It is not unlike springtime love.
7.  I like fresh laundry, dried sweet on the line.
9.  I like pulling my niece and nephews around the block in the wagon and stopping to look at interesting rocks and smell pretty flowers.
10.  I like sitting on the deck late evenings and watching the sunset over Antelope Island, laughing with family and friends, smelling the citronella of the burning candles and listening to the wind tinkle gentle the chimes.

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