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The concept of Girls Night Out

I have this friend that I see roughly every year and a half to two years now.  I never miss her birthday however and so this Sunday when I called her with well wishes I mentioned that she and I as well as another friend of ours should get together soon for a Girls Night Out.
"Sure," she said in a chirpy voice.  "That sounds like fun...Thursday would be good because (her husband) is out of town."

Girls Night Out... husband out of town...


In my head, Girls Night Out means that the girls pick a place to go to dinner, they GO and they have a good conversation.  The  kids stay home with their dad.

This friend, I think her concept of Girls Night Out means her husband is out of town so she can have friends over...

...And so it is, every time we try to get together, it winds up that we are at her house, wrangling her kids who are hyper because we are there (and don't get me wrong, I love kids and hers are cute) and they won't stay in bed and any conversation we try to have she is less than 50% there because she is preoccupied with her home and her kids.  And it's not like I'm always there...again, I think I saw her about two years ago.

I can't even THINK of the last time I saw her outside of her house.

When I was talking to my other friend about it she suggested, "Well, maybe she doesn't like to go out when Husband is home, because that is their time together."

Now, not married, but geeze, they've been married 8 years'd think they could handle an evening apart with her going out to dinner with her friends and leave him home with the kids.  Am I missing something?

Because doesn't Girls Night Out imply the girls go OUT? a single girl who on rare occassion wants to hang out with her married friends...inquiring minds want to know.

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