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It has been a pleasant day.

5:30 AM: Spin class. Different instructor, different music and while I have to confess, country music and hard workouts don't seem to go hand in hand to me, it WAS a nice change from loud and thumpy hiphop.
Went home, actually had breakfast there, (usually I have a shake of some kind for breakfast at work around 9 and something a little more substantial around 11:00 AM,)
I was feeling not too bad but since it WAS still rather early (almost 7:00) I decided I would lay down for a bit and go into work a little later. (thinking possibly a luxuriously late (for me,) 9 AM.) Turns out my body had something else entirely in mind and so wound up strolling into Smartbomb at a scandalous 11 AM. Um, hi everybody!

Work was good. Nathan and I are flying along on this particular character and while the deadline for him is looming (Wednesday,) we both feel really good about where we have him so far. I really think we can have all the animations done by the end of Monday and spend Tuesday and Wednesday polishing and tweaking and possibly throwing in a few new tricks. Since he IS the title character he has to play fantastically.

In the evening I sat down and finally got Red Sparrow caught up. At first I got delayed due to server problems and then scanner problems, but it's nice to see the missing 2 weeks filled in. I have about 15 strips written out that just need to be layed out and inked over the weekend. 15 strips a little over a month of Sparrows and I want to now and forever give myself at least a 3 week cushion.

Sadly I got home a half hour into Battlestar Galactica so I'm trying to see what I missed. From the episodes I have seen, I like this show more and more. (Please note the shoutout in Red Sparrow. Mua ha ha.) It feels more REAL than any sci fi series I have ever watched. The military behaves like the military, people aren't these noble enlighted heroes that would look down consdescendingly upon mankind. "They're still using MONEY!"

Plus Adama has a great voice, I really like watching this poor woman who thought she was a teacher, find herself President of the last of humanity and has to start making some awful, awful decisions...and LIVE with them and herself.

In terms of eye candy, dang it...those flight jackets look SO cool. As do Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer. Speaking of Boomer...when is the last show you saw that had an asian woman as a regular? The only thing htat springs to mind was Keiko O'Brian in Star Trek and Deep Space Nine...and even then she was limited and often rather shrewish.

Back to the coolness of the jackets. You KNOW somebody is going to license them and sell them for like 400 dollars a pop. And I will ask if they are actually armored or just look neat. Because if they're armored ...well, talk about a perfect motorcycle jacket.

Later on, realizing all the stuff I want to get done this weekend, Rachel and I decided to get our shopping done on a Friday night instead of fighting everybody else on a Saturday. We did rather well. We came across a ton of good sales (10 yogurts for 4 bucks...not too shabby,) and stocked up on a lot of stuff that was rapidly depleting. A house without toilet paper is...I can't think of a witticism right now...but it does up the stress level. So it's nice to have that particular chore out of the way.

We stopped by the Tower theater to see what obscure video we'd like to see to find that Crispin Glover was screening his movie there...and was doing so again tomorrow along with a slideshow about the production, a Q and A and a signing. Dude, I am SO there. I called up phoenix_jade and he's totally up for it as well. He's going to bring down his enormous Willard banner I gave him for Crispin to sign. And, how cool is THAT?

So yes, a good eventful day...and I've got another biggie tomorrow. Going for my mile and a half tomorrow at the gym and then making some shopping stops, (yay for a close Home Depot,) cleaning my room really good, digging and cleaning my car and swinging by Farmington where I can hopefully get caught up on my laundry. Not sure where wurtman 's adventures with the washing machine currently are but I want to wash them there because the weather is SO nice I'm hoping I can dry them on the line and few things are as wonderful as say, line dried sheets.
And hopefully the end of the day will be at The Tower where I see Crispin Glover's new movie and meet him after. I have a budding hobby of meeting authors and having them sign their books for me. There really is something neat about picking up a book, opening it up and seeing "To Jeanette, hope you enjoy the book. X" or something like that.

There are worse hobbies.

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